Bolted shelving is an industrial shelving system, which can be installed in all areas and all shelves are fully adjustable. The system is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled by hand.

Small rooms to big warehouses benefits from the storage capacity Bolted shelving provides. Detailed compartments can be created with the addition of solid side and back panels. Plastic bins can be used on the shelves to store small loose parts. Small parts and filing is ideal for the standard shelving sizes.


This popular and proven system uses nut and bolt fixings, with neat corner plates for rigidity. Shelves are fully adjustable every 19mm.

Recommended maximum load: 100 kg – 160 kg per shelf UDL
Finish: Epoxy powder-coated.
Each bay of shelving comes in one standard length of 900 mm.
Shelves are available in various depths:
300 mm, 375 mm, 450 mm and 600 mm

The system can be customized by adding back and side panels to create enclosed storage compartments. In Short:

A very affordable system.
Can be assembled very easily and is perfect for DIY installations.
Ideal solution for small parts and filing
Provides the most basic all-purpose storage.
Perfect for small areas

Closed Back and Side Bolted Steel Shelving units are closed on three sides with steel panels to provide stability and protection of the items stored as well as to promote cleanliness of these items. When units are joined side by side and back to back, a common side or back panel is used between the two units achieving a large cost saving.

If you are looking for premium quality bolted shelving solution we offer the best at the most affordable prices.