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  • Industrial Bolted Shelving

    Industrial Bolted Shelving

    Industrial bolted adjustable steel shelving offering simple installation and adjustability.
    Accessories available include : bins, weld mesh, steel cladding, dividers.

    Finish : Epoxy powder coated, Sahara

    Height: 1829mm/2134mm/2438mm/2743mm
    Depth: 305mm/381mm/457mm/610mm
    Width: 914mm
    Capacity: 120 kg’s – 160 kg’s per shelf level

  • Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever Racking

    Cantilever Racking allows for the storage of longer components without the obstruction of the front upright as is the case with conventional racking.

    Finish : Epoxy powder coated, standard colour blue and orange. Customized colours available on request

    Load per arm : 250kg - 400kg
    Load per level : 1000kg – 2500kg

  • Carton Flow Rack

    Carton Flow Rack

    Carton Live Storage featuring multi-plane adjustability, allowing simple adaptability to changing needs

    All applications allow each line item (SKU) to be located in a dedicated lane with automatic gravity feed to an ergonomic picking face

    By installing Carton Live Storage you can achieve :

    40% space saving and

    300% faster picking

    Creating a (FIFO) first in last out storage solution!

  • Drive In Rack

    Drive In Rack

    Drive-In Racking systems allow high density pallet storage. Creating a (FILO) First in last out storage solution.

    Finish : Epoxy powder coated. Standard colour blue and orange. Customized colours available on request.

    Drive-In Racking sytem consists of five basic components :
    1. End Frame
    2. Support Beam
    3. Self Locating Rail
    4. Gravity Pin (Locking Pin)
    5. Floor Fixing

  • Drive In Rack

    Light Duty Galvanised Racking

    Light Duty Racking can be used in a warehouse, storeroom or garage.

    Finish : Galvanized

    Decks : Galvanized steel decks

    Height: 1800mm/2100mm/2400mm
    Depth: 600mm/750mm/900mm
    Width: 900mm/1200mm/1800mm/2100mm
    Capacity: 500 kg - 1000 kg per shelf level

  • Mobile Shelving

    Mobile Shelving

    Mobile Shelving is ideal in an office environment for the storage of lever arch files.

    Mobile Shelving saves up to 40% floor space, thereby allowing more economic use of valuable floor space.

    The shelving is available in multiple configurations designed to suit your specific requirements.

    The system comprises mobile bases with flanged steel wheels which locate onto steel tracks, with shelving on top of the mobile bases.

    The sides and rear/centre of all the shelving is fitted with steel cladding.

    Once closed the system is completely lockable.

  • Pallet Live Racking

    Pallet Live Racking

    Pallet live storage is designed to suit any size pallet

    Pallet live storage creates a high density (FIFO) first in last out storage rotation per pallet.

    Each system is complete with entry guides, pallet separators and pallet speed controllers.

  • Racking with Timber Decks

    Racking with Timber Decks

    Affording access to each and every individual pallet at any time.

    Finish : epoxy powder coated

    Standard colour : blue & orange / Customized colours available on request.

    Frame Height : 1800mm/4500mm
    Frame Depth : 600mm/750mm/900mm/1200mm
    Beam Length: 2400mm/2700mm/3000mm
    Load per level: 1000kg/1500kg/2000kg

  • Structural Mezzanine

    Structural Mezzanine

    Do you need more space? What are your options?
    -Use existing headroom
    -New Building

    It is far better to make use of existing space that you already have than to build or rent other premises. It is cheaper, plus there are no hidden costs such as disruption to production, relocation costs, etc.

    We will design, manufacture and install a structural mezzanine floor which meets your specific requirements.