Classical pallet racking remains, as ever, the most popular storage system for palletised goods - despite the increasing use of modern technology in the storage and picking fields.

The system allows convenient access to every pallet. Moreover, the racking configuration can be easily modified and extended. Flexibility and relatively low investment costs have made this system essential for storage and order picking.

With useful and practice-proven accessories, the pallet racking system allows optimal storage of palletised loads in all shapes and sizes.

The most common configuration is multi-position storage with 2 - 4 pallets per bay. If pallets are buffered or if complete pallet loads are to be handled, pallets are stored short side facing. For order picking, however, pallets are generally stored long side facing in order to facilitate access.

The pallet racking system is available in a range of versions, the most common of which are broad aisle racking, narrow aisle racking and mobile pallet racking. Broad aisle pallet racking

Broad aisle racking is the standard solution for pallet racking. In this design, servicing is generally done with front stackers, reach trucks or man-up stacker cranes. The aisle width is intended to suit fork lift truck dimensions. The floor level can be conveniently serviced with a hand pallet truck or an electric lift truck.

Narrow aisle pallet racking facility

This high-rise structure with narrow aisles enables ideal use of vertical capacity and efficient use of floor space. As a rule, narrow aisle facilities are serviced with man-operated stacker cranes or order picking trucks. This allows picking of smaller unit loads from all racking levels. Guide rails and inductive steering ensure that service vehicles always keep the ideal distance to the installation.

Mobile pallet racking

The use of mobile pallet racking reduces the need for costly floor space. Thanks to the racks' mobility, only one aisle needs to be open for picking at any one time; the rest of the space is filled as efficiently as possible with closely-packed racking runs. Each of the individual racking runs can be relocated, allowing access to all pallets at all times. Instead of one broad aisle wide enough for truck circulation, it is also possible to open several smaller aisles.

Automated servicing

Alongside classical palletised storage and retrieval, automated picking and the use of shuttle carriers are growing in importance. The higher initial investment costs pay off quickly thanks to significantly faster picking and order processing.

Other designs

Multi-tier pallet racks allow multiple employees to pick goods at the same time to process significantly more orders.

Our pallet racking also works perfectly with other racking systems such as live storage. It can be combined into a broader system, adjusting perfectly to the logistical processes in your warehouse.

Benefits of Pallet Racking

100 percent access: Unlike block or aisle-based storage, classical pallet racking allows complete access to all stored items. Each pallet can be easily accessed.
High degree of flexibility: The pallet rack can be easily reorganised and expanded. It is the most versatile, flexible heavy-duty storage system, permitting the storage of goods and packages in all shapes and sizes.
Easy picking: Pallet racks are compatible with all modern lift truck types and picking vehicles.
Low investment costs: Basic investment costs for a pallet racking system are low.

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