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PLANNED STORAGE METHODS is a South African company dedicated to supplying and installing high quality Pallet Racking, Industrial Shelving, Structural Mezzanine floors and other equipment allied to warehousing.

We offer a unique service free of charge. (locally) which works as follows :

Planned Storage Methods will visit your premises
Discuss and assess your requirements
Present a full quotation

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Pallet Racking

Best supplier of Pallet Racking in South Africa

Industrial pallet racking remains, as ever, the most popular storage system for palletised goods - despite the increasing use of modern technology in the storage and picking fields. We supply and instal high-quality industrial pallet flow racking, Pallet Racking, long span racking systems, narrow aisle pallet racking, multi-bay racking broad aisle, broad aisle multi bay racking...read more about pallet racking

Industrial Shelving

If you are looking for premium quality bolted shelving solutions in South Africa

We supply and install industrial shelving systems which can be used in all areas and all shelves are fully adjustable. The system is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled by hand. We offer many solutions, including industrial shelving, freestanding shelving, longspan shelving, bolted shelving...read more about industrial shelving

Structural Mezzanine

We take pride in providing Structural Mezzanine Systems in South Africa

A modular Mezzanine floor enables you to double your available square meters without the need for expensive building extensions or costly moving. We supply and instal high-quality industrial mezzanine systems, rack supported mezzanine, mezzanine systems, mezzanine floors...read more about structural mezzanine

Bolted Shelving

We take pride in providing Bolted Shelving in South Africa

Shelving systems are the most basic solution for storing smaller products that is relatively light, this system can be fitted with a variety of back and side panels from welded mesh to solid and perforated panels...read more about bolted shelving

Freestanding Shelving

Does your facility require freestanding shelving?

Freestanding shelving in industrial warehouses is an essential component of efficient storage and organisation systems....read more about freestanding shelving

Our Projects


Our product offering include: Industrial Bolted Shelving, Cantilever Racking, Carton Flow Rack, Drive In Rack, Light Duty Galvanised Racking, Mobile Shelving, Pallet Live Racking, Racking with Timber Decks, Structural Mezzanine, Shelving and Racking

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